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Easily transform your vehicle into a converted van. Designed to fit into the trunk of the vehicle, it is a structure that transforms into a comfortable bed and that you can equip according to your needs.

With robust and simple mechanisms, and of course, without flying parts in the trunk or passenger compartment. We pushed the limits to make it simple, flexible, functional, and safe for everyday use.

And of course, we tried to make it a beautiful object.



Furniture: 9-ply plywood, HPL laminate.

Base: Finnish plywood

Side table: 3-layer laminated bamboo.

Depth: 75cm

Kitchen drawer

A large drawer to install a stove* and with space for all the kitchen utensils.

Side table

The kitchen drawer includes a side table that is placed on the side and a bamboo top.

Storage room

Huge storage space means you'll never run out of space for anything.

Central space

Additional storage space and leg room with the fold-out table installed.

Textile hinges

We have developed our hinge system, inspired by boating. Made with elastic cable. Robust and durable, they eliminate traditional cold hinges. Resistant to bad weather, UV and friction.

Anchoring system

Holes allow it to be anchored to the vehicle's attachment points using straps.

Folding bed base

Simply installs in seconds on the second row of folded seats. With ventilation to avoid condensation and humidity.

Carrying handles

Four handles allow you to comfortably load and unload it from your vehicle.

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